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Dear local community groups, eco warriers, and green thumbs extraordinare,

DIG – Brock Community Garden would like to extend our community this summer and we are reaching out to the broader network of food growers in the area. We would like expand our community focus and get involved with other local groups in order to share our resources to the fullest potential.

We would like to invite you and your groups to our Garden Opening ShinDIG, happening this Thursday March 19, from 12:00-4:00 at the Brock Garden (located on campus by Parking zone 2). This will be a drop in event involving food, music, a seed swap and lots of gardening talk. It would be great to see you there!

We hope that this event will be an opportunity for us to further discuss ways that our groups can build partnerships this season. If you are unable to have a representative make it out this Thursday but would like to stay in touch about potential opportunities to work together, we would be very interested in meeting with you another time.

Please extend this invitation to all of your members. Let’s make this growing season as bountiful as we can. To find out more you can add BrockDIG as a ‘friend’ on facebook, our check out our facebook page: DigAtBrock

Thank you, we look forward to gardening with you!

In Soilidarity,
Kate & the Brock Diggers


On Wednesday, July 16 the Brock Community Garden will be hosting an interactive art show featuring live music and displays from students in the visual culture department. The event will take place in the garden from 12-3pm.

Check out the Facebook event


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DIG exists as an outlet for alternative environmental education and action at Brock through the production of local food on campus. As a community initiative, it supports learning through personal experiences and teamwork.

Brock’s community garden gives folks a chance to participate in growing local produce right here on campus! At DIG, we believe that the best way to know your food, is to grow your food. We aim to engage the Brock community in the common goals of social responsbility and environmental sustainability by planting, sharing, and eating our own wholesome, healthy, delicious crops.

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