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There is a huge chunk of students, faculty, and staff at Brock who are vegetarian/vegan. In fact the most common time to go vegetarian/vegan is while in college/university.

The most common reason people go vegetarian and vegan is for ethical reasons.

Common Reasons People Go Veg

For the animals. Eating animals means they spend their lives in sadness only to be killed cruelly at the slaughterhouse.

For the environment. Eating meat has an extremely negative impact on the environment.

For the human rights. Slaughter houses are one of the most awful places to work.

For their health. A diet full of veggies is super healthy.


Get Involved and Make a Difference.

If you are interested in volunteering or working with us on initiatives that work to help animals email Animals@YourBrock.org.


Have questions about how to go veg?

Looking for recipes, have questions about what to eat? Email Veg@YourBrock.org or drop by our office to chat.


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