OPIRG-Brock is www.YourBrock.org – We’re a student run not-for-profit that works on projects that make the world a better place and improve the lives of students. Located in the Student Centre, Established 1988.

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There aren’t enough words to describe the wonderful and positive force Anneka Bosse brings to Brock. She’s always helping others and works incredibly hard to make the world a better place.

Anneka first started getting involved at her high school in Welland, Notre Dame College School, through Free the Children and the Fair Trade Club. When she came to Brock she founded Brock Fair Trade and campaigned for Brock University to become a Fair Trade Campus.

Anneka has been an amazing part of OPIRG-Brock since she joined the team in the summer of 2013 alongside her then new found co-conspirators Alannah and James. At OPIRG, Anneka manages our social media, designs web and print graphics, coordinates volunteers, and helps action groups with social justice projects and initiatives around the BrockU Campus.

Anneka helps lead Fed Up The Affordable Food Project and was a huge part of the successful referendum during last year’s elections. She was also elected to BUSAC and currently sits as a Councillor for the Faculty of The Social Sciences.

Anneka puts in long hours and hard work into everything she cares about. It’s not uncommon to see her working early in the morning and late at night. She is always helping and appreciating those around her.

Anneka is amazing at scrabble, regularly beating foolhardy challengers. She’s written plays, played a handful of instruments, and is an instrumental part of the team here at OPIRG-Brock. Anneka Bosse is the type of amazing and compassionate person this world needs more of.

You can find Anneka in the OPIRG office most days of the week. To volunteer with more people like her sign up at www.YourBrock.org/Volunteer.

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